Frequently Asked Questions

Click the download button and wait a couple seconds. A download window should appear (as a separate pop-up window) a moment after clicking the button.

If not, refresh the page and try again.

All of our current sewing patterns are listed here in our shop, under the “sewing patterns” category. 

Some of our older (“Bad Wolf Costumes”) sewing patterns may still be temporarily available in our Etsy shop.

Sssoooo many!

Men’s and women’s patterns for the remaining TNG-era uniforms (including the various jackets, trousers, admiral, and formal uniform styles).

Updated men’s DS9/VOY and ENT-era uniform patterns, plus corresponding women’s versions.

And of course, the fan-favorite TWOK-era “monster maroon” uniforms!

We’ll probably also do more Doctor costume patterns – both Classic and NuWho.

Plus several more fun ones … like the 1989 Joker, the beautiful period suits “Professor Henry/Indiana Jones” wore, and maybe some video game/fantasy stuff too.

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Our sewing patterns are printed on large pages of standard bond paper, rather than brittle tissue paper.

This results in a thicker, heavier pattern envelope, which we ship as a package/parcel (rather than a large envelope).

We used to ship some of them as large envelopes, but USPS began returning some to us for insufficient postage. Now we always ship them as packages/parcels to be safe. 🙂

Unfortunately, packages/parcels are more expensive to ship – especially for international customers (who are also sometimes charged customs fees).

That’s a major reason why we began offering digital pattern downloads! 🙂

Germany recently passed some restrictive shipping/packaging laws (“LUCID”). Unfortunately we haven't figured it all out yet but infractions are punishable by heavy fines.

If you have a trusted acquaintance outside of Germany who is willing to pass the pattern along to you, let us know and we'll be happy to ship to them instead. 🙂

Fortunately, “LUCID” is a non-issue for digital pattern downloads

No, we don’t currently offer custom-made uniforms/suits/etc. on commission.

Developing more sewing patterns, training, and other resources for aspiring sewing wizards is our top priority.

That said, we do sometimes sell our pattern/tutorial demonstration uniforms in our Etsy shop.

The fabrics we use for our demonstration uniforms are either standard retail fabrics (commonly available) or custom-dyed in-house.

Unfortunately, custom-dyeing fabric yardage in bulk quantities is impractical as we simply aren’t equipped for producing larger runs.

Should viable sources present themselves, I (Alex) will make an effort to post them on my STCG blog and/or social media.

I also plan to eventually post my dye mixes (etc.) on the aforementioned blog and may also offer a fabric-dyeing course here at Tailors Gone Wild.

I suggest joining the “Star Trek Costume Group” on Facebook and looking there for the most up-to-date information.

We have a fun path for members to earn promotions and climb through the ranks. 🙂 

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