Reply To: VOY Jacket Waistband piece too short?

  • Obsessive Costuming Dude (Alex)

    January 23, 2022 at 6:20 pm
    • 133 Posts

    D'oh! I believe I may have accidentally removed one or both side seam allowances from the piece you mentioned. If so, it was a simple math error but can throw a little bit of a monkey wrench in the assembly process, even though the lower sides are elasticized.

    Assuming your measurements are true, I'd suggest just adding that amount to one end of the pattern piece (K).

    If you don't have enough fabric left for new side waistbands or don't care enough to cut new ones, you can just gather the lower sides down to size so they fit the waistband, since the end result will be elasticized anyway (producing little gathers/pleats above the waistband).

    Drafting issues like this are rare (if I say so myself – I do check everything a bazillion times then field-test the pattern myself before making it publicly available), but they do happen sometimes.

    I'll check again and keep it in mind for when I get around to the new/updated version of this pattern, possibly later this year or next year. 🙂

    Sorry for any confusion!

    – Alex

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