TNG Skant, almost there

  • TNG Skant, almost there

    Posted by Kyspatz on October 28, 2021 at 8:45 pm

    I've been working on TNG skant this past week. I had some trouble finding screen accurate fabric locally so had to adapt. Since I couldn't find a perfect fit I took inspiration from the alternate reality timeline and the fabric used there and when with a fabric with texture. We are attending a performance of wicked on Halloween and the venue requires mask so. I had to whip up a mask to match. Can't wait to share the finished product.

    I did lengthen the uniform overall as well. I'm not quite comfortable in a uniform as short as the screen originals. Hemming and hand sewing hooks is all that I have left. I'll also be using a voyager comm badge. I figured it's not screen accurate fabric so why not use my favorite series badge.

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