Reply To: Finally, making the Voyager jacket

  • Captenaj

    March 20, 2022 at 8:42 pm

    Cutting the fabric always makes me a bit nervous. I just have to
    remember that I have purchased extra and I can always buy more. Today's
    lesson for myself was the grain line for the lining. That stuff is so
    slippery that I found it impossible to double up the fabric and keep the
    grain lines aligned on both halves. After cutting the sleeve linings a
    bit wonky I discovered the trick of ripping the material to define the
    grain line. Then I cut only a single layer of lining at a time. That
    seemed to work better. Still the lining does not hold its shape like the
    body fabric, or even the muslin does, so I learned to carefully mark
    the orientation of each piece. But let's just say I'm glad I got extra
    lining fabric when I made my purchases.

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