Reply To: Finally, making the Voyager jacket

  • Captenaj

    May 2, 2022 at 8:48 pm

    Hand sewing the sleeve lining to the sleeve – the instructions said to sew raw edges together but I found the lining was way too long and almost peaked out past the edge of the sleeve when I did this. I ended up turning the sleeve lining up a full inch and sewing the fold line to the inside of the sleeve. It seemed to work much better for me.

    All I have left is sewing the bottom hem up so I tried on the jacket and paraded around a bit. Unfortunately, the action pleats sagged open so it looked like I was wearing a backpack. It seemed the spandex was not pulling the pleats into place enough so I pinned a fold into the center of the spandex to tighten it up. That looked a lot better! If that hadn't worked, my next choice was to sew the action pleats closed which would have been OK but I'd rather they worked as designed.

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