Posted by Obsessive Costuming Dude (Alex) on September 7, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    1 – All posts and discussions must be specifically sewing/costume-related.

    2 – All posts and discussions must be in the appropriate sub-forum. Please be accurate and descriptive with your topic names!

    3 – All posts and discussions must be polite, civil, and respectful. Lighthearted sarcasm and humor are welcome, but nothing mean-spirited or condescending. Constructive criticism is encouraged but at the discretion of the recipient.

    4 – All posts and discussions must be in English. (PM conversations may be in whatever language the members prefer.)

    5 – No nudity or adult content (e.g. sexually explicit, graphically violent, gory, or otherwise disturbing images). Colorful language in moderation is fine, but again, nothing excessive or mean-spirited.

    6 – No posts asking about or offering how to illegally obtain copyrighted materials. Sharing free resources in the public domain (e.g. vintage sewing/tailoring/patterning references) is fine.

    7 – No posts that invade and/or violate others' privacy.

    8 – No spam (public or private). We all know what it is, and nobody likes it.

    9 – Forum members are only allowed to have one account. Posting under multiple accounts or impersonating a different person/organization will be regarded as spamming. (See rule #11.)

    10 – Members may offer their costumes, fabrics, etc., or services for sale, but Tailors Gone Wild and its owners, forum moderators, etc. are not liable for any disputes. Clear descriptions and prices must be made publicly available in the original post.

    11 – Any post or comment in violation of the rules above may be deleted without warning. Members responsible for severe and/or continued violations may have forum access revoked and/or TGW account suspended.

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